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Welcome to metaStudio!

It is a collaborative workspace for shaping up education and research.   Here we design and execute a virtual  peer-to-peer academy to make learning and research  a way-of-life.

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Involve teachers, students, parents and citizens

You can discuss, design and construct various educational initiatives collaboratively and create a social network with members of a community by (a) campaigning about your educational initiatives  and (b) broadcast your work to the world through blogs, articles, share resources and seek responses.

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Design close-to-life learning contexts!

You can do this by involving any citizen to join a research  project or by designing a project that provides concrete learning experiences to participants.

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User groups for collaboration

Groups are an easy way to share content and conversation, either privately or with the world. Many times, a group may already exist within the for a specific project or topic. In case you can't find one that you like, feel free to start your own and invite others.

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Welcome to our site!

This project has an important mission of revolutionizing scientific research and educational activities.

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