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Welcome to Behaviour Watch@Home projects’ documentation page.

Objectives of the study

General Objectives

  • to create an interest in observing animal behaviour
  • to train participants of the study in recording observations in a standard format enabling qualitative and quantitative study of the observations
  • to collaboratively analyse the data

Scientific Objectives

  • to create an ontology of motor actions among all animals
  • to develop a methodology to analyse online videos depicting motor actions
  • to correlate motor actions with structural complexity of nervous system across species


The following set of questions could give an indication of what kind of behaviour watch of animals we plan to record, code, analyze as a part of this project.

backward locomotion

  • an animal that can walk/swim/run/crawl backwards?
  • a wall lizard walking backwards?
  • a sparrow walking?
  • birds walk/hop or does both?
  • a dog walk sideways? (say like a crab)

breaking symmetry in motor action

  • an animal that does tapping?
  • breaking symmetry
  • an animal that can move one finger independent of the other?
  • Which bird does not move its tail while calling?


“reflexive” motor actions

  • Which animals can touch one organ with another of their own? And which organs
  • “reflexive” e.g. cleaning
  • Which animal can touch their body with their limbs?

serial ordering of motor actions

  • Which animals are known to have serial ordering of motor actions?
  • Which animals have broken serial ordering of motor action? (speech, language and dance)

Observations to be supported by Pictures

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Links to Online sources
  • References to Published Papers/Books
  • Blog Reports

How to join the project?

You can participate in the project by initially registering at metaStudio and then join this group behaviourWatch@Home. Read more about the project on how to participate?

How to Watch Behaviour?

Please see sample observation.

How to Submit Observations?

By posting as a discussion item titled clearly as Observation item. Please provide appropriate heads for each item in the submission.

A Video

You can upload a video at this site. We are integrating our video archiving portal with this site wetube. You may upload your video at any other online site of your choice. Make a link in your discussion by indicating the source.

What to observe and how to document?

observation format

A Paper

You can usually write a paper as a wiki page, or upload it as a resource if you have composed it off-line.


From time to time, any member of the group can submit analysis of the observations, scientific discussions, an alternate methodology, alternate questions for observation etc.


Use the collaborative tools at this site, messages, discussions, blogs etc. to tell what you are doing with the rest of the members of the group.

Page created on 23 Jun 2011, Last modified on 01 Jul 2012