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CUBE Pre-Summer Workshop

Purpose: To re-start(after exams) the local student CUBE groups which were continuing research work at their colleges. To make further developments in each of model system group. To get more students and develop the senior students as mentors for them.

Participant College: Elphistone College

Participant Names:
1) Ayushi Sharma(Snail Group)
2) Ashutosh Prabhu(Snail Group)
3) Himanshu Warse(Pagalapos Group)
4) Simran Sahare(Earthworm Group)
5) Abhijeet(Earthworm Group)
6)Shivani Gidla(Earthworm Group)
7) Suman Rai(Cardamine Group)
8) Bhavna(Cardamine Group)

HBCSE Members:
1) Jaikishan Advani
2) Mayur Gaikwad
3) Namrata Sonawane
4) Meena Kharatmal

Summary of Workshop:

Students were made to follow up larger questions like Developing method to calibrate Olfactometer in Snail, and Demonstrating learning (repulsion from cucumber) in Snail by conditioning with aversive stimulus like quinine, Interventions of CUBE through daily causerie were noted and documented which further will help in understanding CUBE pedagogy.
Similary in Earthworm studies school student developed design to culture and note the health of earthworms in vermipit, by looking at its faeces and marking their location in vermipit. Further, Rapid Escape Response assay was developed and demonstrated by Earthworm group(college students) along with school student. Cardamine group developed methods to culture Cardamine in seedling trays, identifying different leaf stages of cardamine inorder to understand its lifecycle, and to obtain floral bud stage inorder to perform floral dip method to obtain transgenic lines of cardamine.

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