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Introduction to the Platform

This is a community portal. Members of the site can form into project groups and work collaboratively. The groups can be public or private. Public groups can be moderated or non-moderated.

Within each group you can do collaborative work using the apps. With the apps you can:

  • create pages (wiki), write notes (blog) and discuss
  • upload your documents, pictures, videos or any other file, from your computer or mobile to share with others
  • organize resources into ordered or unordered collections of same or different media
  • tag resources to classify and curate a digital library
  • create a dicussion forum and have an engaging threaded discussion,
  • make different kinds of questions on any topic, and organize them into a quiz etc.
  • make collections of pages, pictures, videos and other resources into a book or a course,
  • once your collections are final convert them into published modules (modules cannot be edited though you can create different versions of them)
  • bookmark resources into your personalized shelves
  • collaboratively make online courses (CMS) and release online courses to students (LMS)
  • perform assessment of learners using continuous assessment, peer-to-peer assessment and consolidated analytics

All the above resources can be organized into ordered collections.

Very soon you will be able to make

  • relations and set attributes to resources to create semantic web (i.e. making metadata).
  • seek information from citizens and do research by engaging them: citizen science projects.
  • and many more …

All the resources in the platform are released under Creative Commons ShareAlike license. Please read other documents: 'About', 'Terms and conditions' and the the meta page to know why we are doing what we are doing.

You are welcome to join not only as a user but also as a maker of this collaborative studio to build studios.

Learning to learn collaboratively!

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