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Most software for education was meant to deliver content to the student or help the teacher deliver the content. The carefully curated learning studios packaged in this DVD do not fall in that category of software. These are platforms for producers and not consumers. They support /doing, designing, creating, constructing, sharing, displaying, and composing culture including language, art, science, mathematics and technology/. The software is designed to create and share knowledge. The software bundled inside is itself created collaboratively by thousands of passionate programmers to cultivate creative and social responsibility in the society.

It is a live DVD: you can reboot your machine to check what is in it without installing, though installing on your PC is recommended. For instructions on how to install or learn more about the bundled studios visit http://beta.metaStudio.org/.

The DVD includes a free and perfect GNU/Linux operating system, as distributed by Fedora 17.

An initiative of gnowledge lab of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai, India. http://lab.gnowledge.org/

The DVD includes the following applications:


  • Geogebra (Dynamic mathematics)
  • CarMetal (Dynamic mathematics)
  • Kig (Dynamic mathematics)
  • Dr. Geo (Dynamic mathematics)
  • KAlgebra (Solve equations, plot graphs)
  • K3DSurf (Explore 3D curves with equations)
  • Qliss3D (Explore Lissajous Figures)
  • Cantor (KDE front End to Maxima)
  • RKWard (A graphical frontend for R, for all your statistics needs)
  • Scilab (A package for all your mathematics computations)


  • Step (simulate physical world)
  • Physics (simulate the physical world)
  • gvb (Good Vibrations, play with 1 and 2 D waves)


  • Avagadro
  • Kalzium
  • Periodic Table


Primary / General Education

  • Sugar Learning Environment (this is the software running One Laptop Per Child has numerous of activities for learning all subjects)
  • G-Compris (set of educational tools for primary)


** Kangram (play anagram, guess jumbled word) ** Khangman (play hangman, guess the word) ** Parley (learn different languages)


  • LaTex Utilities (The Document preparing system)
  • AucTeX – a major mode for LaTeX in Emacs
  • Kile – a standalone editor for LaTeX
  • TexMaker – a cross platform editor for LaTeX
  • kBibTeX – manage bibliographies

Emacs23 Org-mode (a major mode in Emacs for writing structured documents)

Libre Office 3.3 (complete package)

  • Base (manage database)
  • Calc (Spreadsheets)
  • Draw (Draw using simple tools)
  • Impress (create presentations)
  • Math (write math equations)
  • Writer (word processor)


  • Gbrainy (solve the tough questions)
  • Chess (play chess with computer)
  • Sudoku (solve sudoku puzzles)
  • Kitsune (a number game)


  • GIMP (GNU Image manipulation program for all your photo editing needs)
  • Inkscape (For all vector drawings for cards, brochures, posters)
  • Okular (View PDF and DJVU documents, make notes and comments)
  • Evince (View PDF files)
  • Image Viewer (View all image files)
  • Xfig – Diagram Editor
  • DJView4 (View DJVU Files)
  • PDF Editor (Edit PDF files)
  • Xsane (Image Scanning Utility)
  • Gscan2PDF (Scan documents to PDF)
  • ScanTailor (Join and process scanned documents)

Video and Audio

  • VLC (view all your videos)
  • Rhythmbox Music Player (play all your music, also connect to internet radio)
  • Pitivi (Video Editor)
  • Cheese (Take photos from your webcam)
  • Audacity (Audio Editor)


  • Brasero (Toast your CDs, DVDs)
  • K3B (Toast your CDs, DVDs)


  • Firefox (browse the web)
  • Opera (Browse the web)
  • Transmission (bit torrent client)
  • Empathy (all your chat accounts)
  • Ekiga (talk to people over internet)


System Utilities

  • Terminal (For all things that you want to do)
  • Bleachbit (clean your system of unecessary files)
  • File-light (view relative size of files in a folder)
  • Disk Utility (manage your hard drives)
  • System Monitor (view information about the computer, processes running, processor, memory and network usage, and file systems)
  • Language Support (add new languages to system)
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