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ABCDE: Activity Based Constructionist, Connectionist, Collaborative Culture of Distributed and Decentralized Externalized Explicit Engagement 

We know that this expansion is too much to swallow.   You may simply make it: Any Body Can Deliver Excellence

ABCDE reflects the pedagogical philosophy the lab stands for, integrating the philosophy of constructionism, constructivism and connectionism.   

AB stands for Activity or Action Based: Cognition is rooted in action. We follow action based encultured, in contrast to embodied, cognitive philosophy.  

C stands for Constructionism, Constructivism and Collaborative Culture: We take inspiration from Piaget, Vygotsky and Papert. 

D stands for Distributed and Decentralized: This is our political standpoint. Against centralization and towards distributed ecnomy, knowledge, power, happiness and justice. 

E stands Externalized Explicit Engagement: Actually E stands for Education.  But we like to make it explicit that education happens equitably when engagement is accessible to everyone externally and the meaning is shared explicitly.  According to this standpoint, human beings are culturally striving  to become better at E, though a lot of it remains tacit. When excellence is tacit it produces propreitary wealth, and when means of achieving excellence is shared it produces creative commons.  

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