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Continuous Communication, Collaboration & Networking

CUBE has various online social networking platforms inorder to have continous communications.

Among these include CUBE mailing list, CUBE instant messaging groups.

Through these platforms participants are continuously engaged from different parts of the country.

Conversation in written and spoken form is essential for becoming a scientist. 

Currently, the various ongoing and active instant messaging groups are based on themese, events, places:
  • Theme based groups: 
    • CUBE Workshop
    • CUBE Model Organisms
    • CUBE Remodelling the Curriculum
    • CUBE Young Scientists
    • CUBE Medical Group
  • Events based groups:
    • CUBE Winter Workshop
    • CUBE March Meet
  • Place based groups:
    • CUBE Patna
    • CUBE Ranchi
    • CUBE Kochi
    • CUBE Delhi
    • CUBE Bliss (North East)

The communiation medium is created once we are in a workhsop, event, or  a conference. We believe that the engagement should not end as the event ends, therefore instantly we create instant messaging groups so that even after the events the engagement is continuous.

Here is the map of CUBE Locality Lab Network(as updated on 13th March,18):


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