Achatina fulica Setup🤩

Achatina fulica Setup🤩

Hi there! This is my first time posting over here

I’ll be talking about my current snail setup and how we maintain it

In this above photo we can see 5 Snails munching on cucumber which is rather in greater quantity :sweat_smile:

Our Setup consists of A big plastic box with holes in it’s lid for ventilation. It is filled with 3-4 cms of water so that the snails can remain hydrated and we keep Cucumbers and at times Coriander for them to feed on. On odd days we keep Chalks as they are a great source of calcium which strengthens the Snails Shell which is primarily made of Calcium.


Where have you got them from?
We need to have a look at the history of these snails in order to create a context on them!
Where are you maintaining these Giants?

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We’ve got them from a big garden in Mumbai itself caught by some of my seniors.
We’re maintaining then at our college itself


Updates please! @AnjaniKumar @drishtantmkawale @mayur @bivasnag