Cardamine :A good system for Genetic engineering

Today the discussion was started with @tshaikh a biotechnology student .

Discussion was about the *Cardamine * model system.
Cardamine is plant belongs to family Braccicaceae *(Mustard family) *.

Cardamine is considered as a *close relative * of ***Arabidopsis thaliana *** .
Discussed about the *genetic engineering * aspects of this plant.

Cubists like @Rechel_tirkey are working on cardamine for making *Kanamycin resistant * plant.

How could be Kanamycin resistant cardamine plant is created !?

why we are creating kanamycin resistant plant!?

How will we sure that the Cardamine plant that we have now is already resistant to Kanamycin!?

So for that we need

1)Cardamine plant

2)Kanamycin antibiotics

Collect the seeds from Cardamine plant .

Take two petriplate

1)Control :Petriplate is with moist tissue paper and with 5 seeds .

  1. Experiment : Petriplate with tissue paper and 5 seeds in it .
    Add kanamycin solution in it .

Expected the seed germination will occur within 3 days.

Expectation is about :
in Controll setup all seeds will germinate .
in experiment set up 3 out of 5 will germinate.

why Kanamycin !!!
Kanamycin is an antibiotics used to kill bacterias by effecting it’s Ribosome.But that not harmful to animals and plants those having 80 s ribosome .

But in plants plamid is having 70 s ribosome that is get effected by Kanamycin .

Also discussed about the other antibiotics including ampicillin,tetracycline etc.

Also about the BT cotton plant .That is a genetically modified plant ,have the ability to resistant bollworm . @Ichha and others

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