Celebrating 200 th birthday of Gregor Johann mendel

Celebrating 200 th birthday of Gregor Johann mendel

:shamrock:As a part of mendel’s day celebration ,we also come across some interesting discussion started from earthworm to Fruitflymodel system !!!

@Misbah cubists from elphinstone college ,did a interesting work related to regeneration of earthworm .

:shamrock:For that she used a plastic cup with moist tissue paper .
For regeneration study ,she cut the 20 th segment from the tail .She noticed that after 2 weeks the head and tail were regenerating .

:shamrock:we also discussed about the species ‘Eisenia fetida’ ,in that the clitellum is located at the 23 to 27 th segment from head .

:shamrock:Then we talked about the T.H Morgan work on earthworm regeneration !!!

:shamrock: Did T.H morgan work with both earthworm and Fruitfly !!

:shamrock:We all heard that T.H morgan awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933,with his discovery of the white-eyed mutation in the fruit fly.

:shamrock:Then we come across the most exciting experiment done by T.H morgan explained by @Misbah @Smiti @ sakshi @manal

:shamrock:Then we all reach a situation introduced by @Arunan ⁩ that "What you would have done if you are in Morgan’s place!!!

As this special day ,we all of us can became T.H Morgan and think about that !!!

:shamrock:We collaboratively come across that ,if we got one white eye mutant male Fruitfly ,We will Transfer the white male Fruitfly with one virgin red female Fruitfly( Normal eye colour in Drosophila melanogastor) .

:shamrock:Suppose ,After 10 days :
there are 60 Fruitfly ,out of which ,
a)20 white eyed flies ,in which all are male .
b)40 red eyed flies ,in which having both male and female .

Then what will be our next step!!!

What would have T.H morgan did at that time !!!
@Smiti @Misbah @ sakshi and others


We also discussed-
T.H. Morgan was culturing Drosophilia melanogaster when he found a white-eyed male in his cultures. This was the white-eyed Mutant fruitfly discovered by Morgan

So what caused the white eye in that fruitfly?
Manal Khan(Royal College Mumbai) said its because of absence of pigment there is no pigment so no color that’s why the eyes appear white.

So generally Drosophilia melanogaster has red eye because of the pigments drosopterin and xanthommatin.

So as per Manal’s statement in white eyed fly both the pigments are absent so the eye appears white.

Another question that came up was-
why only males? Why don’t female fruitflies show white eye Mutation

@Misbah @Theertha Why does female fruit flies dont show white eye mutation? What was the experiment of T.H Morgan for which he fetched Nobel Prize?

Did T.H. Morgan notice that all white eyed flies are small sized ones? @Theertha @Misbah @jaikishan In that case, what could have been his response?

Let’s go step by step @jaikishan . Did T.H. Morgan notice that all white eyed flies are small sized ones, compared to the Red eyed flies? @Theertha @Misbah @jaikishan In that case, what could have been his response?

How to distinguish between male and female Drosophila melanogaster in the bottle culture. @Smiti said she gets about 60 offspring from one gravid female fruit fly. How do we think that TH Morgan was astonished to see white eye only among male flies? @Misbah @Smiti @Theertha @sakshiconsultant2002