Combating first ever known horizontal gene transfer between plant and whitefly, , _Bemisia tabaci_ to develop pest control strategies

Major question that came in today’s (4/02/2023)Discussion !

1)Are we sure the whitefly that we were collected from our homelabs are B.tabaci !!!

Correction: Madel ,Goa

2)Which are the Phenolic glucoside present in phyllathus .
Recent paper says about the new Phenolic glucosides in Phyllathus .

CUBE Homelab:Kozhikode

3)How can we add in abstract that virus act as a vector who carring gene from Plant to Whitefly ( connecting with evolution )

4)How we will make a plan of work to prove virus could be the vector that transferring plant gene to Whitefly ?
References :

Horizontal gene transfer in Plant & Whitefly

1)paper published on 2021 ,Xia,2021
Whitefly hijacks a plant detoxification gene that neutralizes plant toxins,-April%202021

2)Published on 2022,Gilbert,2022
Multiple Horizontal Acquisitions of Plant Genes in the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci:

Hypothesis : Virus act as a carrier that transfer gene from plant to Whitefly .

Whitefly is carrying viral vectors which has been causing serious diseases on plant.(eg.Begomovirus)

Whitefly sucking sap of the plant there by transferring virus into plant cell

There is a chance of some plant genes gets incorporated into viral genome through viral multiplication

While whitefly feeding sap ,Virus carring plant gene (BtPMaT1) gets incorporated into it.

Whitefly which carry BtPmat1 have the ability to detoxify plant producing toxic phenolic glucoside

Natural selection favors the better adapted ones to survive

Breaking news
Whitefly as a viral vector

Whitefly is a carrier of viruses

  1. Whiteflies can be considered the second most important type of vector due to their capacity to transmit many plant viruses, notably a large number of species of the genus Begomovirus which currently comprises around 200 members. Whitefly - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

  2. Begomoviruses are plant-infecting viruses, which are transmitted by the whitefly vector Bemisia tabaci and have been known to cause extreme yield reduction in a number of economically important vegetables around the world .
    Begomovirus disease complex: emerging threat to vegetable production systems of West and Central Africa | Agriculture & Food Security | Full Text

B.tabaci ingests begomoviruses by inserting its stylets in the vascular system of infected leaves.

A million copies of the begomoviruses were acquired by a single B. tabaci with only 5 min of active feeding and virus copy number .How many begomovirus copies are acquired and inoculated by its vector, whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) during feeding?

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