Connecting plants and animal system together!

Why flowering of Mango trees are different in different places !?

Latitude and longitude have any role in it!!

Do Temperature have any role in it!?

Yesterday the discussion was about mango mapping
@shalini @sakshiconsultant2002 were joined ,according to @Shalini may temperature may have a role in mango flowering .

So what is the maximum and minimum temperature in Mumbai,Noida and kerala .
Is that easy to find !!!
What is the realiable site for getting the annual maximum and minimum temperature !?
We took those details from Wikipedia and weather spark.

As per the reference Maximum & minimum temperature in mumbai :32& °C18 °C

Connecting Apical meristem in plants with stem cells in humans

Later we discussed about how the the genes are expressed .

Here the apical meristem is located at the tip of shoot .There is having actively dividing cells just like stemcells in Humans .

Then @shalini explained about the blood cells formation and how the genes are expressed in operon .