Context to Curriculum using Phyllanthus

Not having a circular stem on cross section is characteristic of Phyllanthus urinaria. It also has pointed apex of leaves, Fruits have rough surface, the tepals of flowers are 6 in number. @Theertha engaged with @Seema on characteristics of Phyllanthus to identify if it is Phyllanthus urinaria or Phyllanthus niruri.

It was reach to the conclusion that following photograph is of Phyllanthus urinaria plant.

@Theertha asked @Lakshmy about what can we study using Phyllanthus? @Lakshmy answered we can study sleep wake cycle or circadian rhythm, medicinal studies, taxonomy, etc.

@Ichha asked why we are focusing on circadian studies? @Lakshmy explained that we can study alot about genetics and molecular biology with sleep wake studies, similarly the same field has got Nobel Prize in Drosophila. We can also study effect of light on behavior of plant as well as human beings. It also helps us to understand sunrise-sunset and weather studies and its effects on plants.