Corona Quarantine Helping Hands have a Hackathon

Corona Quarantine Helping Hands have a Hackathon

The issues related to COVID-19 outbreak have stirred up the Hackers around the globe for coming up with solutions to enable remote working and educational environments, extend a helping hand for control of the pandemic and spread only awareness with the help of reliable sources. I stumbled upon this cool challenge ‘Hack Quarantine’ which will run from March 23rd to April 6th, 2020. The event has mainly four tracks, not necessarily exclusive or exhaustive tracks are listed here:

Anyone can participate in the following ways:

  1. Submit a workshop or talk relevant to the tracks
  2. Build a project - software/hardware solution to problems faced during the pandemic
  3. Be a part of the discord or discourse going on in the discord application.
    Today I only followed the discord under #general tab to understand how the discourse is conducted. So far it is a simplistic chat, but enthusiastic people are introducing themselves (so one can pick a team from the chat) with skill-set and there is visible eagerness, energy and Makers’ attitude to collaborate and constructively build something useful!
    There are options for mentoring opportunities, so those who are experienced in IoT, web, Android development or any practical useful hacking habit can contribute for the challenge even though you may not be able to develop something right now.
    If you are interested and need any help to figure out what can be your role, do feel free to comment.
    I am attaching a text file that has few suggestions for software solutions, which will give examples for the projects that can be undertaken. Of course, these are only projects suggested on the chat, not necessarily under development already. This is only to give your idea generators a catalyst!
    message.pdf (26.5 KB)

A link to the hackQuarantine may also be provided.

Right. Here’s the link for HackQuarantine:

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It is a great idea to be participate in this. Lets brainstorm!

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Do virus die in UV and or ozone?

The idea being to generate UV / ozone

  1. As a floor/wall unit

  2. As a face mask filter powered by a battery.

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Effect-of-Ultraviolet-Germicidal-Irradiation-on-Viral-Aerosols-walker2007.pdf (117.8 KB)

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