CUBE Causerie: A Platform to Discuss Frontiers in Biology

CUBE Causerie: A Platform to Discuss Frontiers in Biology

Discussion on Meiosis, one the most difficult areas in biology, through context of reproduction in moina, on 3rd Sep, CUBE STEM Workshop


@Lydia @Bivas @Uday please report all the detail happenings in causerie under this thread

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Moina group
Detail discussion going on please tell us what you are discussing… @Spandan_b @drishtantmkawale @Jyotiraditya


Rotifers group
Noting down the question they need to answer and finding out reference for identification of species @saida786110 @khushdeep @Shri


Drosophila group
New cubist givingg an introduction to new students from Rj college


Snail group
The plan of work of them
CUBE Elphinstone college
Today’s plan
Maintenance:- We have cleaned the cage.
1.Remove the snails from the cage and wash them with water.
2. Then kept the washed snails in a clean trey.
3.Then we removed all the remaining waste food from the cage and cleaned the cage with the water .
4. Then we put back all the snails in the cleaned cage.
5. Then we put some water in the trey and kept the cage in the trey.
6. Then we took a petri plate with food( corriander) and then placed the petri plate in the cage.


What are immediate term, short term and long term objectives in Snails?
How many snails do the group has?
Please also create a thread for snails study…

Please create a new thread for identification of Rotifers… @saida786110 Also post references of how rotifers can be identified

snail group
Giant African land snails:snail:

Short term objective: To statistically prove that the snail is attracted towards the coriander smell by performing olfactory assay

Long term objective : Studying learning and memory in snails


Don’t you think they will be attracted toward coriander? Explain your detail experimental set up and what are the questions you are answering with this test @Nikita0508

(Elphinstone and MVLU college)
Rotifer Group
They wanted to identify…
Why they want to identify? What is the objective?
Why to study rotifers? What is interesting in rotifers? Where do you find rotifers? What is interesting bdelloid rotifers? If there is no male what is the harm in that? How to identify other rotifers and bdelloid? Please follow up @saida786110 @khushdeep @Shri

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story of what they did so far…

  1. Serial dilutions what were the expectations?
  2. Which water to use distilled water or dechlorinated water?
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Snail group
Talking about their objective…

Follow up @Nikita0508

Snail :snail: group explaining olfactory assay

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@Nikita0508 follow up and please explain the experiment on detail mentioning the experimental set up and question faced today


How they came out with the dilution? What is the irritation what they mean by it? What happens if we have a higher concentrations of salt in the solution? @Rupesh @Vish @RiyaChari

@bivasnag We are discussing whether moina will grow in distill water or not.

Have you got the answer for your question in last 2 days? @Spandan_b @drishtantmkawale

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The sample we made is in CUBE HBCSE.
So I am going to redesign the experiment and do it once again by keeping 4 test tubes two with milk + distilled water and other with only distilled water and will note their number and time of survival.