CUBE Chaatshala Troubleshoot Meeting

Hello Everyone!

This is an announcement regarding a meeting today, 4th July 2020 at 5pm IST.

Remember: 4th July 2020, 5pm

In this meeting, we will sort out the issues faced by CUBists while joining the CUBE Chaatshala or CUBE Room Webinar on the website Big Blue Button (BBB), an initiative of HBCSE, TIFR. We have come across many people who are facing the microphone issues, connection problem and many other sorts of hardware issues.

It is a kind request to join today’s troubleshoot-meeting.
This meeting will take place today on the app GOOGLE MEET. Participants will be required to share their screen in order to troubleshoot.

There will be step-by-step guidance for it.

If the Google Meet application is not installed, below is the link for installing Google Meet on Android Mobile Phones:

Meeting URL:
Please join the meeting using the above link.

Note: As the problem faced by people occurs when they use the mobile phone, we are going to troubleshoot it through phones. So please join us through mobiles and with a decent internet connection.

For queries, Direct Message me.

Please treat this message as an important message!

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The meeting went well, as many as seven CUBists got their issues solved!
The issue was occurring while they were trying to connect through the microphone.
The browser wasn’t allowing them to connect through the microphone and the option left to them was just to opt the listen-only mode.

But then, we figured it out the following issues on the Android phones:

  1. The browser which is recommended, Google Chrome, was not updated. Once we update it from the Google Play Store app, it will work well.
  2. The microphone permission was turned off/blocked from the phone’s internal settings. We can resolve that by going to the phone settings, then apps, after that select the Google Chrome app there and look for permissions. Once the microphone permission is turned on, it will work well.
  3. The microphone was blocked from the Google Chrome Browser itself. That can be enabled by first coming on the CUBE Chaatshala Website, then at the top right corner, there will be three vertical dots. After going there, we need to select (by toggling down) site settings. In site settings, the microphone pop-up would be blocked for the HBCSE Webinar site. We need to allow that and then when we will go back to the main website and join the webinar, we will be able to access through microphone option.

After clicking on the microphone option in all three cases, an echo test (of few seconds) will be conducted after which a thumbs up (green icon) and a thumbs down (red icon) will flash. We need to click on the green icon. After which we will be able to access the microphone.

Note: Here, only Google Chrome Browser was used as it gives a better experience. Mozilla Firefox too can be used.

Issues on Apple (iOS) phones:

  1. The only application which supports the CUBE Chaatshala Webinar is the in-built browser Safari. If we try to connect through Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox, it will ask us to open the link of the webinar through the Safari Browser.
  2. Here too, we need to keep the application updated and we need to give access to the microphone from the phone’s internal settings by going to applications and then Safari after which if we go on permissions, the microphone permission should be turned on.
  3. We won’t be able to connect to the microphone if we are using the mobile view on the safari browser. For that, in the browser’s settings, we need to turn the view mode to Request Desktop Site which shall enable us to connect through the microphone. Desktop Site basically means that the view mode will be the same as it would’ve been if we were accessing this site through a laptop or a computer.

Note: In both cases, only mobile phones were used and not laptops or computers.

Recommended: To have a good internet connection and preferably an earphone or a headphone to avoid unnecessary noise while speaking and as hearing as well.

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This is very important initiative, and this is the spirit with which we need to resolve the hurdles to ensure wider participation in ChatShaala.


This is wonderful and a detailed trouble shooting. We could link this in FAQs to the webinar. Is there something like that somewhere already?