CUBE Christmas Workshop 2019

CUBE Christmas Workshop 2019
Cube Lab had organized a workshop :woman_mechanic: on the occasion of celebrating Christmas Vacations with the Cube Lab Model Organism.
Christmas workshop was conducted with School or College students of Mumbai and about 70 students had participated from different Colleges such as CHM College, Ratnam College, Patkar College, RJ college, The institute of Science, Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College, Elphinstone College and school students from Sir Sayyed School, they were introduced to Cube Lab model organisms like Moina, Earthworm, Fruit fly, Snail, Nematode, Rotifer, Chlorohydra, Butterfly, Cardamine and Phyllanthus, the main objective of workshop was to get students involved in activities with larger questions such as Culturing Moina, Making Earthworm Cultures with tissue paper(without soil) ), Trapping and culturing of Fruit flies, comparing wild trapped fruit flies and CsBz standard Fruit flies,Butterfly Plant Host interaction, Horizontal Gene transfer in Rotifers, Regeneration power of Chlorohydra in order to connect all these activities to the large streams of Science like Developmental Biology, Neurosciences, Evolutionary Study, Behavioral study and many more.
Cardamine group developed methods to culture Cardamine in seedling trays, identifying different leaf stages of cardamine in order to understand its life cycle, arrangement of leaves over the stem, and to obtain floral bud stage in order to perform floral dip method to obtain transgenic lines of Cardamine and Sleep wake cycle study in Phyllanthus plant. Evening Causeries sessions were conducted not only to celebrate goof ups but also to share respective works on model organisms.

Growth stage-based Phenotypic Analysis of Cardamine by growing different staged cardamine plants in soil and in water.

Sir Sayyed School Students were snapped while performing RER(Rapid Escape Response) Assay i.e, behavioral assay which can be used to study Regeneration time of ventral nerve chord of the Earthworm.[/justify]

Glimpse of evening Causerie(Informal group discussion)session

The moment was captured when the Moina group was feeding moina’s with an appropriate amount of Milk.