CUBE-MEET 2019 By Th!nk lab AND college, Delhi

CUBE-MEET 2019 By Th!nk lab AND college, Delhi

Th!nk lab of AND college organised CUBE meet 2019 on 6th of September. Students and teachers of DDUC, AND and Dyal Singh College attended the meet. Along with them, alumni of AND college marked their distinguished presence, shared their past experience in thinklab, CUBE and inspired new Cubist. We discussed about the model organisms we’re working on.

And meanwhile, met with different queries like --DNA that is present in the nucleus of the cell of eukaryotic organims is a single thread or consist of several threads of DNA which then condensed to form chromosome? What is chromosome how it forms?
Can evolution occur in only 30-40 years?on what factors it depends?
Can evolution arise in the lab-breeds strains?