Cube rj moina group

Cube rj moina group

@drishtantmkawale @Spandan_b can you discuss on how are you planning to estimate haemoglobin in moina?
Please create a new thread for haemoglobin estimation.

Please tell your todays plan of work?
How are you maintaining red moina?

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but what is concentration needed to be measured?
what is the sensitivity range of colorimeter in mobile? @pratittodkar

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Why wait for a week @Spandan_b why not start it today?
please write clearly your todays plan of work

Here we are talking about the color shade not concentration since his question was about color.

It is very inaccurate at measuring exact accurate colors. The least count for the app is 1

Kindly show the demo of how do you measure a video will be good. So that others can exactly replicate how you are measuring colors.

Eagerly looking forward to a video… @pratittodkar

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@Itzmeshantanu @Spandan_b what is the status of moina? what is your expectations?
eagerly looking forward to your setup experiment…

Today at CUBE lab the plan of work is to discuss about creating a demo for the way to measure the color of Moina and also to discuss about standard illuminates and about a standard light source. Also to discuss about the experiment on the effects of different wavelengths of lights.

@pratittodkar Updates please!

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@dialecticalbiologist Will provide soon after April. JEE, CET and AME entrance exams are remaining.