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Allele is an alternative forms of a gene .

This sentence look similar that we learned in our classrooms.

But in yesterday’s discussion i got a clear idea about what alleles is!!!.

Sometimes the chatshala discussion makes me goosebumps,yesterday was one among that day .

The beauty of Science comes where the concepts got cleared .

Discussion was started with the follow-up discussion of yesterday’s Pagalapos.

Where is actually Galapagos !!!

The Galápagos Islands are a chain of islands, or archipelago, in the eastern Pacific Ocean. They are part of the country of Ecuador, in South America.

Do Darwin meet his finches unexpectedly !!

Later we came to the topic where how we can connect Galapagos and Pagalapos .
Galapagos is a group of lsland that is surrounded by water,come to Pagalapos that is group of depressions on Manhole cover,surrounded by land .

Why we are Considering Rotifer as our Finches !!!

Among rotifers, bdelloid rotifers producing progeny by Parthanogenesis !!

So there could be less chances for Variation !!!

But there are rotifers with variations are found !!!How !!!
May Bacterias are eaten by Rofiters later through bacterial reproduction (Transformation 'Transduction ,Conjugation )somes genes are incorporated to Rotifer !!!

Is that possible !!!

We also saw a awesome video about rotifers .

Later we discussed about a reference ;

Evolution of obligate parthenogenetic reproduction In 2003, the mode of asexual reproduction in the bdelloid rotifers was wholly unknown.[23] One theory of how obligate parthenogenesis arose in bdelloid rotifers was that parthenogenic lineages lost the ability to respond to sex-inducing signal, which is why these lineages retained their asexuality.[24] The obligate parthenogenetic strains of bdelloid rotifers produce a sex-inducing signal but have lost the ability to respond to that signal. It was later discovered that the inability to respond to sex-inducing signals in obligate parthenogens was caused by simple Mendelian inheritance of the gene op.

What is actually mendelian inheritance!!

@Shalini tried to explain About the Allelic segregation in Law of dominance .

Do allele produce protein !!

Why not !!!But how!!
Let’s take a look into Sickle cell anemia ,According to shalini Sickle cell anemia is a Autosomal resistive disease !!

What we understood by this Autosomal resistive disease!!

Coming to Chromosomal number in humans there are of 46.22pairs are of Autosomes ,1 pairs is for sex chromosome .

Sickle cell anemia is a mutation happening in the beta chain of heamoglobin .

Later we tried to understand the mendelian inheritance using Sickle cell anemia!!
As per the diagram
we made a cross between carrier male and carrier female (carrier- they are carrying the gene for Sickle cell anemia/SCA but are not diseased).

After crossing it we got 4 children in First generation:-
Child 1 = SCA, will have disease as this is getting allele from both the parents that is carrying the disease.
Child 2 = will be carrier and not diseased
Child 3 = Completely normal
Child 4 = will be carrier and not diseased
we got 3:1 ratio of phenotype ,strictly exhibiting ratio mendelian inheritance.

So allele can produce protein !!
Allele is the alternative forms of a gene !!!

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