Curiosity raised in content to summer solistice

Curiosity raised in content to summer solistice

  1. The flower sada bahar (Catharanthus roseus - Wikipedia) is seen almost every time around us so my doubt is What is the thing that make a particular flower survive the whole year and why some plant is seasonal and gives seasonal flower

  2. Second is when a leaf become old it starts losing it green color, how does or what is the mechanism behind this process- or is there any genetic realation present in this process

  3. What is the concept behind summer solistice?why we are celebrating it? Does or how much effect will it impose on the nature, because the longest day is only for one day. How much effect or what changes you expect in this particular day

  4. ** How does the plant get to know it is the time that it should grow or blossom or flower, what is the signal they receive- if it is there any?**

These are some doubts I have, I don’t know whether it is silly or not if you can please help me to understand this question

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Do you think the day before, or the week before, or a month before the summer solstice will have so much difference in the day length? Similarly about the day after, the week after or the month after the summer solstice?

Let’s get the data from a climate monitoring website, and plot them as a graph. It is likely we may find a pattern in the plot. Could be, there is some answer to your question there.