Destructive Catterpillers

Destructive Catterpillers

I love butterflies alot .one day a butterfly entered my balcony and flying over my pet plants i am seeing it very happiely but after two to three days i found many worm like structures on leaves that are destroying th plant

then i understood that butterfly came to ly eggs after ihave seen them with infew minutes my mum plucked all leaves and killed them but still i fnd some catterpillers on it is itgood to let them grow on my little crop or shall i kill tem also

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All caterpillars have a ravenous appetite. Caterpillars have to store up incredible reserves of proteins as this is necessary to form eggs once they reach adulthood. Nectar doesn’t have much protein. Most of this protein that goes to making eggs comes from larval feeding. Also, in order to metamorphose into an adult, it must pupate and so their primary goal is to eat as much as they can so that they become large enough to pupate. So we can say that all caterpillars are “destructive” because they are voracious feeders.
Why don’t you try growing one? And post daily updates :smile:

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I will try to grow one in my balcony
But I think they have a specific host plant and how can I kwow that plant

Now most of the catterpillers are killed by my mom but still I find some eggs on other plants I will try to grow them and update

Caterpillars are tremendous eaters. I guess you would be too, if you had to grow from 1 mm to 4 to 5 cms long in 15 days. (Numbers are just approximations).
My lime and kadipatta plants get decimated each time i allow the caterpillars to grow.
What plant is that? Maybe another one grows somewhere close by and you can transfer the caterpillars to it.
But certainly keep some to rear.

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Found them on mesta plant

i bought a caterpillar home and kept on mesta plant where i found many caterpillars previously .
but it did not eat the leaves and left the tree and went out crawling

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Any image of the caterpillar. Also any idea of the botanical name of the plant?

i fond it on hibiscus cannabinus

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