Exploring Students Ideas of Microorganisms

Microorganisms at doorstep is CUBE Lab’s Pagalapos activity. This has been developed into a learning unit for Vigyan Pratibha Project. The learning unit is available at : Observing Microorganisms at Our Doorstep – Vigyan Pratibha

This learning unit was implemented in school, at class 8th standard, wherein students’ have provided their ideas as responses in worksheets, conducted the task of soil sample collection, observing the microorganisms under microscope, describing their observations, drawing their observations, estimating the size of microorganisms.

A poster is developed explaining the work, along with an audio-video of the presentation, being presented in HBCSE ARM-2020 – Micro-organisms at our Doorstep! – Exploring Students’ Ideas about Microorganisms Through A Project Based Learning Unit – ARM

The highlight of this implementation has been:

  • The learning unit has been able to highlight students ideas of the existence, source, dormancy, surroundings of micro-organisms.

  • Students have been thinking, reasoning, being argumentative, even mentioning conflict in their thinking. Enjoyed drawing task.

  • An interesting observation is highlighted about students misconception about the dormancy, living condition of microorganisms.

  • Notably, the problems in measurement and estimating the size of microbes in microns, have also been highlighted through this learning unit.

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