Fruit bearing and lacking papaya plant

Fruit bearing and lacking papaya plant

This papaya plant do not bears fruits rather it only bears flowers…

Rather this plant bears both flowers and fruits. Both of them are present in close vicinity.
Why is it so that one bears fruit while other do not???


May be in this tree, there are Male flowers that have only stamens and can not make fruit.

. I read related to this on this link Male papaya flowers are disgusting | Dokmai Dogma that also says one can change a papaya male to become a female by damaging the tree, such as carving a cross. Theoretically the stress induces a hormonal change aimed at making fruits and seeds


I have also heard that if we nail papaya plant at an early age then it starts to bear fruits which probably is a myth…


Perhaps the first tree is a unisexual male or a unisexual female. To dentify if this is the case, please try checking the flowers.

  1. Female - If the flowers are well developed with functional ovaries and no stamens. Lack of pollen results in absence of fertilization.
  2. Male - Unisexual male trees are normally very rare. If this is the case, then the flowers will have pendant clusters of long, trumpet shaped flowers. This is more likely to be the case and it is perhaps the pollens from this tree that is fertilizing the flowers of the second tree, thus allowing it to bear fruits.

Something else I noticed is that the first tree has another plant growing on it while the second does not. So the first tree could also be suffering from lack of nutrition as it is absorbed by the parasitic plant growing on it.
AEC-339.pdf (548.1 KB)


Can unisexual female flower bear fruit after cross fertilisation??

Yes. Definitely.
The unisexual female flower can produce fruit only via cross fertilization. So it is always better to plant two or more papaya plants, as they are entirely dependent on presence of nearby male or bisexual trees for pollination and fruit development.

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