Garden Snails [Land Snails]




Yellow - Green Snails
Land snail

Location :- Bottukadavu Road - Kerala

I found 3 Yellow - green snails from the garden . They eating stem of grass plants. 1cm - 2 snails and 1.5 cm - 1 snail Found in pots.

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Subulina octona

Subulina octona is also an introduced species, and the shell grows to more than 1cm long. It is usually found under flower pots, among leaf litter and low vegetation. The shell is light yellow and slightly glossy.


Very Nice pictures :grinning: What’s your Plan @saswathy679 for these three Garden snails…


Garden snails :snail: observed in the pot of Cardamine plants :seedling:. Eaten the leafs of cardamine plant. Also observe the eggs of Garden snails in te soil of where the Cardamine plant growing.

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Garden snails🐌
Land snails
Yellow - Green snails

Yellow - green snails :snail: from the garden soil. 1cm , 1.5cm length Yellow Green Snails . Subulina octona which are present in land. These are Land snails. Body shows Yellow - Green color.

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