Highlights of CUBE ChatShaala (1st July-15th July 2022)

Highlights of July 1st half

:small_blue_diamond:Butterfly model system faces intresting questions-
While discussing about mimicry in common mormon butterflies, Anindita Mandal had a very interesting question why is it mimicry and not Mutation?
Can we say a Mutation occurred and was passed on to progenies and that’s why we have 3 different looking females for common mormon butterfly.

:small_blue_diamond:Nematodes Models System active again!-
Sakshi, Anup, Archita-students of N.E.S Ratnam College are interested in finding Soil nematodes
They were successful in isolating soil nematodes from the soil under Phyllanthus plant near their College.
This led us to discuss about C. elegans the nematodes which previously CUBists were looking for.
We discussed why C. elegans is a model system.

:small_blue_diamond:New CUBE College labs established-
N.E.S. Ratnam college had a workshop on how to culture Hydra and Moina. Dhanraj Tribhuvan a S.Y.B.Sc. student from Elphinstone college was the resource person for Hydra and Moina.
There was some exciting news as the Moina that N.E.S Ratnam College students received were red in color. We now know that Moina turn red in Low Oxygen conditions but how were these Low Oxygen conditions created as Dhanraj says he did not feed moina with excess milk before giving it to N.E.S Ratnam College students.
Discussion about this in chatshaala also helped us understand concepts like
1.Why moina turns red? and epigenetics
2. Reproduction in Moina- sexual and asexual
Unfortunately Ratnam college lost their Hydra Culture but their Moinas are thriving well!

Students from Royal College Miraroad also received Hydras and Moina and started culturing them at their college lab. A workshop was held to explain culturing and maintenance of Hydra and Moina.
Pritesh Parab from Elphinstone college was the resource person for Royal college.
Royal college students have made subcultures for Hydras and their Hydras and Moinas are thriving well
Manal Khan from Royal College joined in Chatshaala and told us about the Hydra and Moina Cultures at Royal College and together we discussed the method of Culturing Hydra and Moina

:small_blue_diamond:Snails as a context to Understanding Reflex action-
Anup a Curious CUBist from NES Ratnam college spotted Snail and slugs on his college campus and also shared the pictures with us on context2curriculum.
This led us to discuss about Snails as a Model System and about Habituation studies performed by Cubists on snails.
This became a context to discuss reflex action in human beings.
We discussed how us humans would react to a hot vessel and immediately pull our hand behind.
And how for reflex action the spinal cord will be sending order and not brain.

:small_blue_diamond:Difference between Phyllanthus urinaria and Phyllanthus amarus-
Sakshi a T.Y.B.Sc Botany student from NES Ratnam college is curious about phyllanthus plants.
In her college they had a session where they tried to identify phyllanthus plants in their campus.
In chatshaala Theertha helped us understand how to differentiate between Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus urinaria.

:small_blue_diamond:Confusion about Does Nail regenerate or Grow?-
Harshalata Abhinave from N.E.S Ratnam College was interested in knowing more about Nail regeneration project so while discussing about it we were confused- is our nail regenerating or growing?
How are growth and regeneration different?
Chitralekha ma’am helped us understand that growth and regeneration are not different but regeneration is a type of growth
Regeneration is the growth that occurs after amputation.
When we cut our nail from tip the growth happening is natural growth.
But when the nail is cut to the point that our nail bed is exposed them regeneration mechanism happens.
Further this led us to understand cell signalling.

:small_blue_diamond:Manal’s Hypothesis on Flowering of Mango trees in Australia-
While discussing about Seasonomics Manal Khan (Royal College) made a hypothesis about Mango Flowers in Australia as some of her relatives live in Australia

:small_blue_diamond:There were several TINKE(this I never knew earlier) moments for CUBists including me-
Mosquitos have a tube like structure called siphon for breathing- TINKE!
How does cell signalling happen TINKE!