Hydra Amputation and Regeneration Studies in Homelab

Who says we can’t study Regeneration in hydra without LABS but in HOMELABS!!! Meghraj, 12th Student from CUBE MHSS, Goa did Hydra Amputation for Regeneration studies with a blade and Mobile camera. Let’s help him to develop more on this by discussing it in groups and Cube Chatshaala!!:innocent::innocent:
Hydra Amputation Video[Click on the blue text to watch the video]

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How similar or different is the process of wound healing after amputation in Earthworm, Hydra, and Human fingers?
When we cut earthworms the internal fluid called hemolymph comes out and the same like that when a human finger is amputated blood comes out and clotting occurs in both Earthworms as well as humans but what happens in the case of hydra? Does Hydra has any internal body fluid? How does wound healing occurs in hydra?

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Understanding Developmental Biology through Hydra an Earthworm in CUBE CHATSHAALA DISCUSSION on 7th MAY 2022