Identification of Phyllanthus species

According to me going with the reference given it is Phyllantus amarus a closer look of stipules and the stem will put more weight on the claim…:star_struck::star_struck:


Please share the reference @bivasnag

What are salient characters of Phyllanthus ?


Pic sent by @⁨Arunan Sir⁩
Phyllantus (B)
Sophia college cube
South Mumbai
Is being identified with help of reference sent by @⁨Sushanta Tanti⁩ by - Bivas Nag (CUBE St Xavier’s College Mumbai)


  1. Number of tepals- pentapetalous
    So it can be either amarus, niruroides and mullerianus
    It cannot be- urinaria and odontadenius

2.leaf apex- obtuse
It can be amarus and odontadenius
It cannot be niruroides,mullerianus and urinaria

3.Fruit and flower colour- greenish fruit and tepals with white flowers
It can be only amarusIt cannot be others

4.stem- green in colour
It can be either amarus, odontadenius and niruroides
It is not mullerianus and urinaria

  1. A detail picture of stipule and stem can help us to identify it more correctly

The reference given by @bivasnag is based on Nigerian flora. The Neruri ( nerurides) are not known to be available in India! “…P. niruri is endemic to West Indies and not found in India. …” Pharmacognostic evaluation of leaves of certain Phyllanthus species used as a botanical source of Bhumyamalaki in Ayurveda - PMC

Ref: Webster GL. A monographic study of the West Indian species of Phyllanthus . J Arnold Arbor. 1957;38:51–80. [Google Scholar]

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This mean, We need to do some meticulous study/search to confirm that P niruri is not present in India. @bivasnag

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I haven’t said p niruri is present in India… Yes I accept the fact that the paper is on Nigerian flora… But still using the features over there I identified it as P amarus not niruri…

This link comes for Indian flora…

Do visit this and refer @dialecticalbiologist


Phyllantus niruri and amarus is not the same
Reference on the basis of an Indian book

Please see into it @dialecticalbiologist


Looking for new inputs from all CUBE centers! Please collate it here @bivas