Let's play Antakshari CUBE style

Let's play Antakshari CUBE style

Hi All ,
Cubists play a game of discovery like antakshari! They pick up cues while listening to ,or watching others do their experiments, and then sing their own song which is the cue for the next person and so on.
The excitement builds up as one thought leads to another and meaningful questions arise, like melody .There is planning ,what should be the next step?
The experiment is a process, to get to the next cue, Many a times the excitement is briefly interrupted when we cannot find the right song, we falter, but revive with double the excitement and scream hurrah! I have got it and start humming , actually buzzing together the newly found idea.
The Rules of the game are simple, you cannot copy the song from a book or net, it cannot be what someone else has sung, it has to be new, but you have to give the name of the film and its actors as reference when questioned , and questioning will be done till all agree,that is only fair!


Not very clear about this point @magpie