Measuring the Length of - Chlorohydra Viridissima

Chlorohydra!! :innocent: An organism which can be viewed by naked eyes. How to get the size of this small organism?.

My Objective was to Measure the Size of 4 ChloroHydra’s in which 1 was budding. I took the help of the Image meter App to measure the length in mm. In Image meter app, we can find the length of the Organism. While taking measures, a standardized reference should be taken alongside so that the exact measure in mm is observed.

:point_right: 1st Chlorohydra measured. Length of Chlorohydra- 0.2cm i.e.(2mm)

:point_right: 2nd Chlorohydra Measured. Length found out to be - 3mm

:point_right: 3rd Chlorohydra Measured (BUDDING). Length found out to be was - 0.4mm which is more as compared to other Hydra’s which are not Budding.

:point_right: 4th Chlorohydra measured. Length of Hydra - 2mm


:point_right:This is the Setup where there is Graph Paper at the base, because for Image meter App we need a standard reference measure.
:point_right:There is glass slip-on top of it there is Chlorohydra with 1 drop of water as Chlorohydra must be seen properly I aligned white Paper below the glass slip
:point_right:Source of light which uses a torch so that images must be clear.