Mind blowing incidents in CUBE

Mind blowing incidents in CUBE

All can share your breaking news or most unexpected incidents happened while working with model systems in CUBE here in this thread.


As we all know from past few days , there are many people questioning about , “Can moina survive in distlled water ?” So in order to answer this question, @drishtantmkawale @spandan and @jyotiraditya made a distilled water culture in which ,
:point_right:They took a 13ml test tube
:point_right:Put 10ml distilled water
:point_right:Added 5 colourless moinas
:point_right:Made a milk​:milk_glass:dilution of 1:25( 1drop of milk in 25drops of distilled water)
:point_right:Added one drop from the milk dilution in the test tube containing moinas.
All this they had done on 7-9-19 and they fed one drop of that milk dilution on 7-9-19 and 8-9-19.So after 8-9-19 there was no milk🥛 (food) provided to those 5moinas.

So today when me and @spandan checked that test tube, we both got really amazed because we saw that moinas in that test tube we’re still ** alive** :star_struck:, not only alive but also there was increase in number from 5 to ~15 :astonished: that too without food from past 4days :exploding_head:

We both were greatly amazed as this was the first time ever happened with us :grin:.But still we weren’t able to believe how could this happen because distilled water has no minerals and nutrients, so if no nutrients,no bacteria ; if no bacteria then no moinas ,then how were the moinas surviving??? We approached @g_n sir and when we told about the survival of moinas in distilled water without food ,his answer was, “it’s impossible”, then he said, "if really the moinas survived in distilled water without food ,it means there’s a chance that your distilled water is not distilled ".
So you all too think , if really distilled water was supposed to be distilled ,how could the moinas have been surviving? There could be a chance that @g_n sir’s point could be correct but could there be any other reason too??? A question open to all…


Unless the moinas are munis!


Could be sir…:joy::joy: Don’t know what new things keep happening everyday.


I’ll try this at CUBE Elphinstone too!!
Yes, there are chances that the distilled water which we took may not be distilled water.
I think we should have checked the pH of the distilled water which we took… as distilled water has pH of 7.

@Sjuday2527 I think you should check the pH of the DW at CUBE HBCSE.
and then perform this.

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Yeah sure will do that immediately tomorrow itself @drishtantmkawale


Looking for update on this!