Moina as an Epigenetic model organism: CUBE Elphinstone

Moina as an Epigenetic model organism: CUBE Elphinstone

Magnification 40x→ 10x eyepiece and 4x objective


CUBE Elphinstone
Moina Group
@Zahra_R17 @saida786110

Short term Objective: To get Red Moinas

Breaking News!! :star_struck:
The Red Moina setup which was started on 31 Jan 2020, with Two Control bottles and two Test bottles feeding on 1 drop and 6 drops of milk respectively now has ~50 Yellow- Orangish-Red Moinas out of the ~80 in total
Today being the 6th-day of the setup, we expected this result as we got almost the same results as earlier i.e. prominent colour change!

Both the Control bottles have ~50 colourless Moinas and the Second Test bottle has ~50 Moinas with ~30 being Colourless to Yellow

Expectations for tomorrow: Darker Orangish Red Moinas in first test bottle with ~100 being in total and ~70 in second test bottle with ~30 being Yellow in colour
And ~60 colourless Moinas in the Control bottles


So, are you sure we get Red Moina in 6 days for experiments if we set up culture bottle with colorless Moina and 6 drops of milk daily?
Suppose if we want 500 Red Moina on the 6th day for some experiment, how shall we start?
@drishtantmkawale @saida786110 @Zahra_R17 @Ram

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I cannot be sure that the Red colour of the Moinas would appear on the 6th day itself.
From my experiences from the past set-ups, I had the Orangish-Red coloured Moinas on the **6th day **in a similar set-up and the proper Red colour was visible on the 7th day to be specific.

To make/get 500 Red Moinas in a week, how many Moinas are you providing to me initially?


Couldn’t provide yesterday’s and today’s update as we had our college annual day yesterday followed by a holiday today as well as tomorrow. :grimacing:

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@drishtantmkawale @saida786110
:zap: BREAKING NEWS :zap:
Moina are red without getting feeded for 3 days
•We had traditional day on friday and Saturday and sunday was a holiday so 3 days in total our moina weren’t fed
•Today we saw red moina in the bottle RM-M & RM-D.
Short term objective=
To change the water of hypoxic bottle RM-M & RM-D Tomorrow.

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Cube Elphinstone
Moina group
@⁨Drishtant FY⁩ @⁨Zahra Risalawala FY⁩

Today’s update -13/02/2020

We found gravid moina in CMM
Moina count
RMM - ~80 Red MOINAS
~10 colourless
RMD - ~80 red MOINAS
~10 colourless

CMM - ~40 colourless MOINAS
CMD - ~40 colourless MOINAS

CM- Control MOINAS

RM - red moinas
M- Main
C- Control

From past 1week as we enter lab we observe that Cotton plugs are removed from the moina culture
@mayur sir suspect’s it to be Rats
Today while observing the culture we observed that there are some organism moving in one of the cultures


This is a wonderful summary prepared. Apologies for seeing this so late.

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Don’t you think Official Holidays are great times for Cubists in get involved in long engaged discussion? @drishtantmkawale, unless we come out of the clutches of the “Mantralaya culture”…! :sweat_smile:

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CUBE Elphinstone
Moina Group
@saida786110 @Zahra_R17

Today, an 8L Moina tank was made
8L Dechlorinated Water + 32 drops of milk + 1 Colourless Moina

The tank used here is a plastic one.

We want to have a Single Line Culture of the Moinas to check their growth so we added only a single Moina
We are not sure whether the added one is gravid (pregnant) or not.

Objective of Making this tank is to have a Moina stock

How 32 drops of Milk?
1 drop of milk in 250mL of Dechlorinated Water
4 drops in 1000mL or 1L of DC Water
Hence, 8x4=32 drops of milk in 8000mL or 8L of Dechlorinated Water

Expectations for tomorrow: We hypothesize that
1. If not gravid, then the number would remain the same.
2. If gravid, then it can give 7-10 progenies
3. There is also a possibility that the given Moina could die.

I know that the problem of replicates will arise!
We cannot make an exact replica of this 8 Litre tank culture.

Any suggestions!!??

@⁨Drishtant⁩ @⁨Sayyeda⁩
Today’s update


• Moinas are red in RM-M AND RM-D
there are approximately 200 moina in both the bottle and there are 50 moina in CMM & CMD and they’re are colourless.
• Bottles RM3 and RM4 - we changed the water of both the bottles becuse turbidity increased.
• We discarded M1 bottle because we found worms in the bottle and the number of moina decreased due to that.

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