Nematode model system

Nematode model system

A nematodic welcome to everyone :heart_eyes: Guys as we know many model systems are being maintained in HBSCE lab, so all the discussions need to be jotted down in a common place. So @arunan sir suggested to make a common group for all the model systems where we can actually discuss all the things on different model systems.image Redirect Notice

Lets just start a discussion on nematode ,what they are? how to culture them? why to culture them?why to study nematodes?etc.


Already made please don’t make new one it create confusion @Sjuday2527

@bivasnag, if already a topic on Model System
Resources ( Nematodes w.r.t. C elegans) is
available, please redirect @Uday to that .

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@bivasnag in fact , @Sjuday2527 'idea is to start on a model systems with special reference to maintenance so that many centers can follow the methods to have these resources accessible
across the country!
Over to @dayanand_dh add

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September workshop day 1

Pagalopos Members :-
@Satyam , @lakki from RJ clg
@pradynesh @shree from MVLU clg
@deepak from Elphinstone clg
@Tejas from Somaiya clg

Guys please explain what is pagalopos?what did you do today? How is pagalopos related to nematode? What’s your long term objective?

Location: CUBE, HBCSE lab ,Mankhurd,Mumbai


@Sjuday2527 and @jaikishan explaining the guests and @Nagarjuna sir about the nematodes and @Sjuday2527 explained the story of their evolution and their relation with Galapagos Island.


@Sjuday2527 please explain the long term objective of what you are going to do with te nematodes and in detail how and why we ae comparing Galapagos with pagalopos?

Myself satyam from rj college and today I am going to prepare a nematode isolation plate…Pictures and procedures will post in few minutes

Why you want to make nematode isolation plate? @Satyam

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Where is today’s report ? @Satyam

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(upload://tOte0qJapDJMVhWZuICX2gSTs3Z.jpeg) Nematode group
Short-term Objective-To culture nematode and establish single line culture.

Long term objective : to find C.elegans in Indian native soil.

Location- outside the hbsce gate to the right side 2nd manhole supernatant and soil sample were collected.

Extraction- it was done by putting soil sample on the periphery of prepared 2%agar petridish.

Further expectations- Tomorrow the nematodes will be moved or attracted towards the centre from periphery(were a drop of soil water is placed so that nematodes will come and feed on bacteria in centre and we will pick those nematodes up by using nichrome loop.


Nematode group-

Today's plan of work is to prepare a nutrient agar plate for culturing soil bacteria to feed nematodes..
Caenorhabditis in India!

I saw that there is big enthusiasm to find nematodes of the Caenorhabditis genus from Indian soil. Well as per Dr. Arunan’s suggestions, I have tried exploring this. Indeed one nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae has been isolated from Thrissur, Kerala.

The researchers are from France. One of them being Marie-Anne Félix - IBENS - ENS. who works on the evolutionary biology of nematodes. As in humans, nematodes too are susceptible to parasitic infections. One such infection of Nematocidia parisii is found in C. elegans from France. The researchers wanted to track the spread of this infection over the world. They surveyed several regions in Europe and in India they came to Kerala.

At eight places in Kerala (four disctricts, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Kottayam and Alappuzha) they found a fungal infection in only nematode (a strain of C. briggsae) from Periyar Tiger Reserve. While other uninfected strains of Caenorhabditis were found from Poovar estuary, Meenmutti water-falls, Ponmudi reserve (Trivandrum), Kanjirapally, and Alappuzha.

Thus Caenorhabditis genus nematods are present in India! Perhaps we could all take soil samples from diverse areas and check for nematodes belonging to this genus. Currently, some students in Mumbai, Kunal, Omkar, Anshu, Bivas, Atul and Gaurav are trying isolating nematodes from native soil. Further we have Yashvi from Thadomal Shahani College doing her internship at HBCSE on nematodes.

It would great to pool up and summarize the work of these groups so we could make this model system more resourceful!


Looking forward for the Plan of Work and Designs for Isolation of Nematode from Indian Native Soil!

What is so special about the genus Caenorhabditis to be found in India or in fact Anywhere?

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Who are your Collaborators?
What were the limitations of your study?
Do you want to celebrate any Goof- ups?
What messages you want to pass on to your current collaborators and to future entrants?