New CUBE College lab has been entrenched at N. E. S. Ratnam College, Mumbai! 😇

Summary of CUBE ChatShaala by Sakshi Beloshe (N. E. S. Ratnam college, Mumbai)

:white_small_square:Initially the discussion started with Archita Rajhbhar she explained about how we are culturing the moina in our lab with the help of some photos and videos, which were shared on grp taken by @⁨Nalini Maam⁩ ,@⁨Jyoti Maam⁩ ,@⁨Archita rajbhar⁩

:white_small_square:Then we discussed about the setup which was kept by ratnam group Where they have seperated the moina on the basis of Redness and size and transprant moina…

:white_small_square:We discussed about what happened to the red moina that was handed over by dhanraj at ratnam college.

:white_small_square:Today we saw that the bottle given by dhanraj with red moina, some of the moina were turned transparent and some were red. Red in the sense… Not fully red but there were some pigments on it.

:white_small_square:So we tried to seperate the moina’s in other containers, in that containers we have made holes at the top of the lid of container so that aeration will be there.
Wanna know how do we transfer or seperate moina? :thinking: keep reading!!

:white_small_square:First we pour all the water containing moina in a big petri plate and then transferred the small white moina’s in one beaker and red moina’s in another beakers by using droppers than label beaker as red moina 1 which were approximately 100 red moina’s and the other two were labelled as small moina 1 & small moina 2 and they were also approximately 50-60 in number. (As seen on previous white board)

:white_small_square:Then we saw them under microscope. Different observations were there for different moina’s, the moina’s which were red in colour, under the microscope they were having different pigments at different parts. And the moina’s which were white in colour, they were seen transparent.

:white_small_square:Now the question here was why were the moina’s red? Also how did they turn transparent after one day?

:white_small_square:If we are taking 250 ml of water then we should add only one drop of milk in it, if the quantity of the milk increases i.e if we add 5-10 drops of milk then there will be hypoxic condition. What’s Hypoxic condition??

:white_small_square:Hypoxic condition is when the level of oxygen in the water decreases due to more amount of bacteria in the milk.
And if there is decrease of oxygen then the level of haemoglobin in moina’s will increase and because of that they will turn red.

:white_small_square:what happened in our case was we didn’t feed any milk to the moina day before yesterday when dhanraj gave it to us because of which there was normoxic condition i.e the oxygen level was normal So some of the moina’s were turned transparent.

:white_small_square:Also we added 2 drops of milk in moina culture because tomorrow we won’t be able to feed them and till monday they will be able to survive in that 2 drops of milk.

:white_small_square:we are little bit confused about the size of moina but what dhanraj said in his session was that it is about 0.4 cm in size.

:white_small_square:Then there was discussion about the phylum and class of moina. Where a discussion was made as moina belong to arthopoda class so what are the difference and similarities between moina and cockroach, as cockroach also belongs to arthopoda

:white_small_square:And also some of the mixed moina’s i.e transparent and res were left in the big petri plate so I (Sakshi) bought it home in a bottle of 100 ml and added a drop of milk

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