Power of collaboration

I would like to draw everyone’s attention to one of the collaborative ventures that is getting initiated today.
@Mohd.Arifshaikh, a cubist who joined with CUBE in Dec 2016 and had to leave his formal studies due to some unforeseen circumstances in 2019. Back then he was just in Std X when he left his studies and took up some other constructive job.
He was the same person who started feeding Moina 's to Hydras, instead feeding hydra with salt water organism i.e. Artemia.

He would like to work on self sustainable ecosystem models which are equivalent to natural ecosystems. With the CUBE system in place, this task is very simple. Please find the evidence as below…

[10/01, 11:36] Mohd.Arifshaikh: @⁨Arunan MC⁩ I need moina
For making culture
[10/01, 11:38] Mohd.Arifshaikh: Who have moina in Mumbai.
[10/01, 11:39] :musical_score::butterfly:Lahari​:butterfly::musical_score: CUBE Nellore Andhra Pradesh: I think @sakshiconsultant2002 :thinking:
[10/01, 11:40] Mohd.Arifshaikh: @⁨Sakshi🌼 CUBE Ratnam⁩ I need moina can you help me
[10/01, 11:41] :musical_score::butterfly:Lahari​:butterfly::musical_score: CUBE Nellore Andhra Pradesh: U didn’t have any ponds near by your area, to collect them
[10/01, 11:43] Mohd.Arifshaikh: I don’t have time to collect moinas and find ponds because I am doing job.
[10/01, 11:44] :musical_score::butterfly:Lahari​:butterfly::musical_score: CUBE Nellore Andhra Pradesh: Oh Sakshi may help I think
[10/01, 12:10] @sakshiconsultant2002 CUBE Ratnam: Yes arif i have moina culture i can give some of the moinas to you!!

Within less then 2 hours the logistics got arranged and hope this exchange of Moina will happen soon…

This is the power of collaboration and especially home lab we must have to really appreciate …
Thankyou @sakshiconsultant2002 and @Lahari

Now @Mohd.Arifshaikh has become a regular member of Cube chatshala

Let’s all help @Mohd.Arifshaikh for bringing him into science, so that he can also work towards further developing his scientific abilities.


Surely, Arif will be an asset to CUBE HomeLab Movement and CUBE HomeLab Movement for Arif, who can continue in his job and participate in Science collaboratively.
Arif, please count me as one of your collaborators.

@Himanshu Please remove the mobile numbers from the post, we should not share private information in public forum.

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