S1E25 Cube Chatshaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

S1E25 Cube Chatshaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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Timing: 05.30 pm to 08.30 pm

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List of questions arised in the session.
Q. Why variations are very important for organisms ?
Q. What are the various ways of generating variations ?
Q. Are there variations within a species?
Eg- Melanism in moths.
Variants are naturally present in the population.
Q. Does mutation happen when required ?
Q. Are all variants mutants ?
Q. How did black and white moth arise? Common ancestor ?
Q. How is habitat responsible for the beak size origin?
Q. How does the availability of the food interfere with genetic character?
Q. What is the genetic basis of mutation?
“We do not need long canines, that is why we don’t have long canines”
Q. If I struggle enough, would my genetic makeup change?
“All variants are not mutants”
How are Variants selected??? And how are they carry forward in a population??

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