S1E82 Cube Chatshaala: Exploring New ways of Learning

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.00 pm
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CUBE Chatshaala on 5th September 2020.

30 CUBists from 27 centres joined the webinar.

Breach Candy, South Mumbai: Arunan MC
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Aashutosh Mule
Muvattapuzha, Kerala: Abhijith Vinod
Kozhikode, Kerala: Arunima Kunju
Thriprayar, Kerala: Aswathy Suresh
Kolkata, West Bengal: Batul P
Palakkad, Kerala: Dr. Binumol
Solapur, Maharashtra: Drishtant M Kawale
Adarsh Vidyalaya, Mumbai: Gautam Mourya, Karan Fulwariya
Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh: Kiran Yadav
Dumka, Jharkhand: Kshipra
Kandassankadavu, Kerala: Lakshmy PJ
Powai, Mumbai: Lydia Mathew
Andheri, Mumbai: Mandar Chavan
Ranchi, Jharkhand: Manisha Rani, Manjuel Jojo
Byculla, Mumbai: Nazish Kaunchale
Goa: Nidhi Kapileshwari
Asansol, West Bengal: Oyindril Dutta
DSC, Delhi: P. Chitralekha
Govandi, Mumbai: Rafikh Shaikh
Bandra, Mumbai: Saida Sayyed
Morabadi, Ranchi: Shalini Lal
Panvel, Maharashtra: Shraddha Sonavane
Thanniam, Kerala: Sidhy PP
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Sreedevi Menon
Sonari, Assam: Susanta Tanti
Thane, Maharashtra: Vaibhavi Bhanushali
Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare

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IMG-20200905-WA0024 CUBE Chatshaala whiteboard, Cubists talked about Genetic engineering comparing Plant Tissue Culture and Floral dip method as why floral dip method is way easier method than the conventional method. Difference between Hybridization and Genetic engineering was also discusssed can hybridization is a part of Genetic engineering??

IMG-20200905-WA0026 Genetic engineering in Cardamine plant using floral dip method.


What is Kanamycin resistant gene? How does it counter the effect of Kanamycin?

Or, how does Penicillin resistant gene resist the effect of penicillin?
Does it break Penicillin/ kanamycin molecule? Or does it not allow penicillin/ kanamycin to enter the cell…? !

  1. Summary of discussion given by Sidhy from Cube home lab Kerala
    To understand the floral dip method of genetic engineering in Cardamine

What is its purpose?

How can we do this? What are the things required?

What is actually doing by floral dip method? ( What is happening to the plant or inflorescence or seed )

While saying about floral dip, it is heard about Kanamycin and Kanamycin resistant gene. Because of connection problems , I couldn’t hear clearly about its explanation in yesterday’s chatshaala.

:black_small_square::black_small_square:Kanamycin is an antibiotic. It prevents germination of seeds. If the seed contain Kanamycin resistant gene, it will germinate.:black_small_square::black_small_square:. This is what I understood. Am l correct?

  1. Summary of discussion by Arunima from Cube home lab Kozhikode Kerala
    Yesterday we discussed about GENETIC ENGINEERING and its importance in CARDAMINE PLANTS.

genetic engineering is done in plants for genetic modification.
And there by producing genetically modified plants.
new gene is transferred into plant cell giving it new or different characteristics.
plant grows and making it resistant to a particular disease.(for example we discussed about Bt cotton.it is a genetically modified insect resistant plant.The gene coding for Bt toxin has been inserted in to cotton and produce insecticide in its tissue. )
We comeacross with different kinds of doubtsūü§Ē
? How these new gene is transferred to a plant cell??
While comparing with the genetic engineering in cotton plant discussed about floral dip method in cardamine.
:thinking:Floral dip method is simple to do??? If yes how it is simple.
How to do floral dip method? @‚Ā®Mandar Chavan CUBE Nematodes‚Ā© @‚Ā®Saida Cube Rotifers‚Ā© @‚Ā®Yash Isc Xmas Cube‚Ā© @‚Ā®Ashwathy Suresh sN nattika Drosophila‚Ā© @‚Ā®Sidhy Kerala Drosophila‚Ā© @‚Ā®CUBE‚Ā©

:thinking: WhyFloral dip method???
Through genetic engineering it produces genetically modified seeds.

normal seeds germinate in kanamycin solution??

How kananmycin act as a selection markers??

How to transfer a new gene in to the plant? And how this floral dip method become simple to do???

Why iam dipping the cardamine seeds in kanamycin did it affect the chloroplast and mitochondria?? And why we are using kanamycine??

What concentration of kanamycine solution is required??

How kanamycin enter tha plant cell wall??

Kanamycine is an antibiotics it will kill the bacteria.Does kanamycin kill Agrobacteria??
Then how we transfer the gene

How does a bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?

  1. By Batul Pipewala from Cube home lab Kolkata
    Cardamine and Arabidopsis have been found to be very similar in genome,and a comparative study of Arabidopsis and Cardamine phenotype and morphological variation has been done by Angela Hay,


We have to do the studies on germination of Cardamine seeds in presence of kanamycin as a control to see if the Kanamycin seeds get transformed on floral dip and have the gene for kanamycin resistance

  1. Summary of discussion by Lakshmi PJ
    Yesterday we have discussed about FLORAL DIP METHOD IN CARDAMINE PLANTS

I have some doubts that
:question:why we are using kanamycine as selectable marker? Instead of kanamycine can we use ampicillin which is also antibiotic?

:question:can we use direct method of gene transfer like PEG( poly ethylene mediated gene transfer ) which is direct gene transfer technique instead of Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer?

:question:Does Agrobacterium infect humans?

:question:After the insertion of gene of interest what happened to Agrobacterium? Does it die?

:question:what is the mechanism of infection of Agrobacterium in plant tissues?

:question:what is actually prompting them to infect?

@‚Ā®Arunima SN Nattika Cardamine‚Ā© @‚Ā®CUBE‚Ā© @‚Ā®Arunan HBSCE‚Ā© @‚Ā®Batul Pipewala Kolkata‚Ā© @‚Ā®Nidhi‚Ā©
@‚Ā®Shalini CUBE Rachi‚Ā© @‚Ā®Nazish Cube Drosophila‚Ā© @‚Ā®Saida Cube Rotifers‚Ā©