S2E20 CUBE Chatshaala : Exploring New Ways of Learning

Learning STEM through Investigation
An invitation to construct new IDEAS/Research questions.




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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Webinar will be recorded and recording link will be post in the same thread after the webinar.

Looking forward to your participation.

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Whiteboard picture ( 13th October 2020 ) CUBE CHATSHAALA… What all Characters we should look for in order to identify Phyllanthus Species??.. One statement came in yesterday’s discussion that If stem is Reddish brown than it’s Phyllanthus urinaria than after discussing systematically how to identify Phyllanthus Species, Reddish brown colour of stem is not a diagnostic features …we had comparison between Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus urinaria in what manner they both are different from each other and what are the other species that we could get confuse as Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus urinaria… We also talked about the controversy of Phyllanthus niruri
What a fantastic(simple and elegant) set up(diagram on the top) we have to culture and maintain Giant African snails all the elements that arr used in this set up has specific and very crucial role… Others please contribute what’s your understanding with this set up… A Glass slide is itself a fantastic instrument cubists are using Glass slide to perform olfactory assay in Gian African Snails… But how do we calibrate it???..


CUBE Chatshaala on 13th October 2020


24 CUBists from 24 centres joined the webinar.

Breach Candy, South Mumbai: Arunan MC
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Aashutosh Mule
Piravom, Kerala: Abhishek Unnikrishnan
Dehradun, Uttarakhand: Akanksha Negi
Ernakulam, Kerala: Akshitha Menon
Thane, Maharashtra: Anshu Kadam
Kozhikode, Kerala: Arunima
Thriprayar, Kerala: Aswathy Suresh
Nerul, Maharashtra: Drishtant
Narsing HS school, Assam: Hasina
Moradabad, UP: Kiran Yadav
Gwalior, MP: Komal Singh
Kandassankadavu, Kerala: Lakshmy PJ
Powai, Mumbai: Lydia Mathew
Byculla, Mumbai: Nazish Kaunchale
Mulund, Mumbai: Omkar Badnale
Asansol, West Bengal: Oyindril Dutta
DSC, Delhi: P. Chitralekha
Chandigarh: Rajiv Kocchar
Coimbatore, Kerala: Ratheesh R M
Bandra, Mumbai: Saida Sayyed
Mira road, Mumbai: Sana Jalili
Panvel, Maharashtra: Shraddha Sonavane
Thanniam, Kerala: Sidhy PP

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