S2E27 Cube Chatshaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

Learning STEM through Investigation
An invitation to construct new IDEAS/Research questions.




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The idea of one neuron connections from the fingertips to the spinal cord is because if more neurons are involved it will take more time to process because the gap between 2 neuron synapsis Will delay the time to withdraw the hand. Can we have a even smaller circuit to make the work efficient the neurons from the fingertip can signal the muscle directly and a branch of it is going to via spinal cord to the brain. for awareness. Surely this connection would make sense and would be more efficient if I was to design the machine but in humans or any other organism is the work only about efficiency or redundancy as well??

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When touched on one of the tentacles the tentacle of the snail is withdrawn and if you keep repeating it multiple times we expect that this mail would not retract its tentacles is there a memory formey? can snail remember?

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Why is the message sent to the brain even after a fraction of seconds in reflex action? what is the role of the brain? is it to form a memory?

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Connecting plants and animals system if phyllanthus plant is touched the leaves are closed if you repeatedly go on continuously touching will the leaf stop closing? Do plants have a nervous system?What happens on a cellular level when we say a memory is formed? How does the snail withdraws its tentacles when touched ?is it similar to the reflex action as we withdraw our hand touching a hot object? What do we mean by signalling ?what are these electrical and chemical signal?What was Eric kandel work on Sea slug?what is sensitisation?

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Eric Kandel and his colleagues habituated reflexes By touching the siphon of the animal. then they paired the touching of the siphon with an electric shock on the tail on which the animal withdraws its siphon that is sensitisation

@drishtantmkawale @yash_sheregare @Komal @Dr KomalSingh Urf Krishna @magpie please add on to the summary and ask some leading questions for further discussion

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CUBE Chatshaala on 20th October 2020


33 CUBists from 30 centres joined the webinar

Breach Candy, South Mumbai: MC Arunan
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Aashutosh Mule
Navi Mumbai: Abhijeet Singh
Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Anjali Chauhan
Thane, Maharashtra: Anshu Kadam
Kozhikode, Kerala: Arunima
Thriprayar, Kerala: Aswathy Suresh
Kolkata, West Bengal: Batul P
Nerul, Maharashtra: Drishtant
HBCSE, Mumbai: DP
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Narsing HS School, Silchar: Hasina Begam
Patna, Bihar: Kajal Kumari
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Panvel, Maharashtra: Shraddha Sonavane
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Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare


Yesterdays Chatshaala we tried to Perform experiment that @⁨Anjani⁩ and collaborators were designing
@⁨Drishtant FY⁩ tried to build a model to understand what happens at the level of neurons when tentacle of snail is touched using cotton bud
The experiment was to find out whether the giant African snail learns that the touch of a cotton bud on its tentacle isn’t harmful? (In the sense, if we touch the tentacle with the cotton bud, the snail learns that this isn’t harmfull and it will NOT withdraw its tentacle)

Here in the picture we have depicted what may happen to the right tentacle upon touching with cotton bud.

  1. The enlargared picture at the bottom right, shows right tentacle that is touched using cotton bud. 3) _How are the signals of touch travelling so that the snail know that it tentacle is touched and it has to withdraw?_4) _What happens at the neuron level that the snail stops withdrawing its tentacle after 10 consecutive touches where it withdraws and retracts its tentacle?
    Quoting @yash_sheregare

Why do you need an authority for reflex action why cannot it be just the neurons and the spinal cord? When we press the switch the lights turn on.It is as though there is a switch there

How do we feel pain in general? Are there some chemicals released at the site which give a message to the brain?

There could be some proteins released by the pain stimulus which would cause neurotransmitters to be send across the synapse

We have the Central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system
The function of the peripheral nervous system is, essentially, to receive and distribute information to help the CNS make decisions on how to respond to the surrounding environment.

Reference https://brainmadesimple.com/anatomy-of-the-nervous-system/

Quoting @magpie

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