S3 E40 Cube chatShaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
As we do it daily, CUBE chatShaala will be starting at 5.30pm and as a continuation of it, from 8.30pm, there will be Mango-Mapping workshop.

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CUBE ChatShaala on 18th December 2020
35 CUBists from 28 Centres had joined the webinar

Nellore: Anuhya Mucheli, Tejasree, Ujwalaraj

Narsing High School, Silchar: Krishnendu Roy

Patna: Kshipra

Silvassa: Jeene Jimmy

AND College: Arunima Dey, Devanshi Saini
Dyal Singh College: Dr P. Chitralekha

Sucheta Naik

Faridabad: Rahul Kushwaha

Bangalore: Deepika Iyyangar

The Cochin College, Ernakulam: Aarcha P Soman, Aromal, Devika Devanath
Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Adarsha Vidyalaya, Chembur: Dhanashree Chandankar
Nerul: Drishtant M Kawale
HBCSE, Mumbai: DP
Mumbai: Kaninika Ghosh
Thane: Prashant Palane
Bandra, Mumbai: Saida Sayyed
Murbad, Kalyan: Shubham Isame
Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare

Chennai: Anjali Chauhan, Tamilselvan

Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Garden High School, Kalyani: Aranyak Sarma
Kolkata: Batul Pipewala, Sukriti Maity

Arvindaraja D
Sreelatha Mogili

Quoted by @saswathy679
18 December 2020 [CUBE Chatshaala]

Discussed about model system ZEBRA FISH.
Cubists from Andhra pradesh - Nellore discussed about their model system Zebra fish maintain in their College Lab.

Why Zebra Fish taken as a model system :thinking:?
Because In addition to utilizing zebrafish disease models to characterize human diseases, researchers can also identify and test new drugs to treat the diseases being modeled.

In Nellore Lab maintain 9 zebra fish, 2 of them are one month old/17.3 months old. They are maintain zebra fish in aquarium 30×30×30cm Glass chamber. Water = 20L. They put natural Hydrilla plant inside the aquarium tank. Life span of Zebra fish 3-5 Years. Also mentioned about the life cycle of zebra fish.The zebrafish lifecycle is divided into four major periods: Embryo, larva, juvenile, and adult. The full life cycle from fertilized egg to adult is a quick 90 days. Early development occurs at a rapid, but predictable rate when the embryos are raised at normal temperature .The zebrafish can reach up to 4–5 cm.Its lifespan in captivity is around two to three years. Feed them using Artemia aquatic crustaceans.Artemia is used as a rapidly growing food source for farm fish. They very well explained about Artemia hatching process in salt water.

Why only Artemia🤔? We can give other water crustaceans (eg: moina/Daphnia) in the place of Artemia?
We can give water fleas (Natural foods) instead of Artemia. And also zebra fish eat mosquito larvae / insects larvae.

During the lock down stating time Cubist brought some Zebra fish eggs from their college lab for Culture zebra fish at their Home Lab. But after some days they losing all the Eggs/Larvae of zebra fish. What is the reason they lost eggs of zebra fish🤔?. How can we maintain zebra fish at our home lab? Is it possible?..
Tejasree Please share your story loss of zebra fish eggs & larvae. That will help to develope a method how can we maintain zebra fish at our home lab…

References :blush:


  1. The zebrafish can reach up to 4–5 cm (1.6–2.0 in) in length, although they typically are 1.8–3.7 cm (0.7–1.5 in) in the wild with some variations depending on location. Its lifespan in captivity is around two to three years, although in ideal conditions, this may be extended to over five years.https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Lifespan+of+Zebra+fish

  2. Housing of zebrafish
    As the zebrafish is a schooling fish, they are kept in groups with a recommended density of up to five adult fish per liter. https://mbg.au.dk/en/news-and-events/news-item/artikel/the-zebrafish-is-an-important-animal-model/

  3. Replacement of Artemia with Moina micrura in the rearing of freshwater shrimp larvae
    M. J. Alam, K. J. Ang & M. Begum

  4. The maximum mortality and significantly lower development in larvae fed Moina were observed during the first half of the culture period. However, in the later period, mean larval stage development as well as the growth of post-larvae fed the Moina diet equalled that of larvae fed with other diets.https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/004484869390173V