S4E13 CUBE chatShaala: Simple model systems but not with simple research questions

Fruit Fly-a common organism which can be found everywhere (mostly near garbage bin area), Cubists like Aastha & Aswathy are trying to address research questions in this simple organism so in last discussion they have came across of research question that’s to study life span of fruit fly , or would there be any effect on life span and health of fruit flies if the amount of sugar content in the diet will be increased that’s High-Sugar and High-fat diet(TRSV/TPSV Media)will be given to single line Cultured fruit flies and hat had led us to discuss about Diabetes, Cardiac diseases, Glycolysis, Glyconeogenesis etc.

HBCSE Webinar

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm

The webinar will be recorded and recording link will be posted in the same thread after the webinar.
Discussion will be followed by the Nail Regeneration workshop from 8.30pm onwards.
Looking forward to your participation.

380th day of CUBE ChatShaala: 3rd April 2021
27 CUBists from 23 Centres had joined the webinar

Jorhat: Ishita Sonowal

AND College: Aastha Ahuja
Dyal Singh College: Dr P. Chitralekha
Raj Yashwantrao Patil

Piravom: Abhishek Unnikrishnan
Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
Palakkad: Dr M Binumol, Shrudhiga, Sukanya P
Thanniam, Thrissur: Seethalakshmi CR
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP
Alapad, Thrissur: Vishnupriya

Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Anjanikumar Kashyap
Thane: Anshu Kadam
South Bombay: Arunan MC
Nerul: Drishtant M Kawale
Worli, Mumbai: Isha Pawle
HBCSE, Mumbai: Kiran Yadav
MVLU College, Mumbai: Mahima Tiwari
Elphinstone College, Mumbai: Nidhi Gavit, Shreyasi Kaushik
Dahanu, Palghar: Sachin Pradhan

Udaipur: Anshika Pegwar
Ajmer: Ayush Soni

Hyderabad: Saketh Deshmukh

Kolkata: Batul Pipewala, Sukriti Maity

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