S4E42 CUBE chatShaala: Session coordinated by CUBists itself

I could not able to moderate the last session but enthusiastic CUBists made it continued, they discussed on how corona virus is mutating and extraction of genetic material from plant and animal cells at home. i would request @saswathy679 @Rechel_tirkey @Man @manmasih @Aastha1 and other cubists to add summary of yesterday’s discussion in this post.

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Yesterday interesting discussion was going on , in the topics of molecular biology and tried to understand DNA RNA and some other topics related to it.

As we can see in the white board, we tried to understand ; How do we distinguish between DNA and RNA?
Both DNA and RNA are nucleic acid , so to understand why it is Acid , we discussed vinegar and sour taste of imli (tamarind). Also the difference between its structure, DNA is having double strand and RNA have single stand .

Also discuss , how to extract DNA in Homelab? And how the extraction of genetic material from animal cells, E.coli , Corona virus and banana cells take place .
To understand DNA extraction followed up with the discussion on cells. Where the material present in cells

What will be the ingredients to break the cell membrane and to extract DNA ? Can we use detergent, soap, hot water to extract DNA? What will be the process?

Then the discussion shifted to the corona virus
How the corona virus is so dangerous? What makes it dangerous?
What is the genetic material present in it?
Is it positive sense single stranded RNA or negative sense?
We found from the literature, shared by @yash_sheregare that it is positive sense single stranded RNA. http://www.nature.com/articles/s41579-020-00468-6#:~:text=Coronaviruses%20(CoVs)%20are%20a%20highly,a%20veterinary%20and%20economic%20concern

Also @Dr. Nisy ma’am explained how this +ve sense RNA can directly start producing proteins by translation and able to show it’s symptoms. How -ve stranded RNA is more dangerous than positive stranded RNA. Also how the mutations are making corona virus more suitable to infect human cells?

410th day of CUBE ChatShaala: 3rd May 2021
18 CUBists from 16 Centres had joined the webinar

Guntur: Suma Swarajya Lakshmi

Neha Pradhan
Sonari: Susanta Tanti

Dyal Singh College: Dr P. Chitralekha

Kokar, Ranchi: Man Masih Beck
Morabadi, Ranchi: Rechel Tirkey

Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
Palakkad: Dr M Binumol, Dr Nisy Prasad, Shrudhiga
SN College, Nattika: Seethalakshmi CR
Kozhikode: Theertha

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Nerul: Drishtant M Kawale
Worli: Isha Pawle
Panvel, Navi Mumbai: Shraddha Sonavane

Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Rabiya Reyaz

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