S4E83 CUBE chatshaala: Identification of drosophila instars

In the last session, we had the discussion on how to descriminate 1st instar,2nd Instar & 3rd Instar larva? Does size is the only factor ro differentiate different stages of Drosophila larva, we also found one reference which says there are some structures through which we can easily identify the stage. 1st Instar although is of 1mm in size and 2nd instar is 2mm in size but there’s a difference in their mouth hook. 1st instar larva has mouth hooks which appears like two pairs of black spots and in 2nd instar it’s fully developed and structured. What do you think about 3rd instar larva? What’s the crucial change or development has happened and also it’s to be visible so that we can identify it, any comments how do we take good photos so that it’s visible?


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We will also discuss about one of the CUBE citizen science project "Seasonomics"
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