Search for Earthworms

Search for Earthworms

The Day After!! Earthworms after the simulated rains

‘Curiosity kills the cat’ or cultures the Earthworm…the first hour…of STEM Game NMS

EARTHWORM COMES SEARCHING REEARCHERS! Earthworms wanted to be presented to the Spectators of STEM Game! About 100 Earthworm came out of the soil after overnight rain was being hosted in 1L bottles with their “favourite” food : Moist Tissue Paper!



Do we have live worms in the bottle today? Ease send some pics.

@Vandana @madhavkaul looking for updates on Earthworm tissue paper cultures

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In Train locality lab @Arunan Sir and my friend Deepak Sharma.
We discussed about earthworms’ gustatory response, action potential, reaction potential, Sodium potassium pump, opening of channels, etc in CSMT bound train from Mankhurd till Kurla.

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