STEM Games workshop in collaboration with NMS Jaipur

STEM Games workshop in collaboration with NMS Jaipur

A STEM Games workshop is being organized for students in collaboration with Neerja Modi School, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The workshop introduces project-based learning practices for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education. This workshop is designed for 13 years and above including teachers.

The design of the workshop: There will be around 10-12 teams, each team will have about 10+ students and 2+ teachers. Each project is conducted in a multi-grade model, the team composition can be from students and teachers of Grades 8 –12. The team comprises teacher from secondary and another from higher-secondary. There will be around 100+ students and 20+ teachers and our team of 7 referees.

Online Platform: The sessions will be documented by the participants at

The teams will be working on challenges and documenting their journey (including discussions, question/answers, observations in video/photographs, etc.) on the STEMGames platform in real-time. All the members of the STEMGames community will be online spectators or participants during and after the event. The Referees will be continuously awarding badges to the participants depending on their display of STEM Habits.

(Please read more about STEM habits at What are STEM Habits?)

Badges : Badges will be granted for COOOL habits and STEM Habits. Here is the list of badges: COOOL STEM Games

Session details: The workshop will be for 6 hours a day (excluding the breaks). Each team will be participating in various aspects of the project for 3.5 hours followed by 2.5 hours of causerie (presentations by the students to each other).

@jtd, @jaikishan, @Arunan , @surendra, @ravi31, @Ashish_Pardeshi, @G_N will be facilitating the workshop.


Very excited about the same!!!

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After the first day we have raised our expectations. Looking forward to three more eventful days! Thanks so much for organizing this.

It is absolutely our Honor and privilege to be working with you and your team. Looking forward to three more exciting days!!!

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After 4 eventful days there is so much to digest, so much to think, so much to celebrate… Very soon we will publish our reflections, learnings and feedback. Meanwhile, please continue the conversations we started.

Conversations missing!!!

How to continue this conversation!:worried: Continuity is the key!:grinning:

Is there any follow up on what was done in July 2019? @Shilpa