Steve Mould's channel has a video on Daphnia

Steve Mould's channel has a video on Daphnia

All those Daphnia and Moina fans here, have a look at the following and try to replicate such results will bring in a lot of learning too!


Awesome, the number of topics covered in a single video.


I found the discussion on flapping and fluidity very insightful from the perspective of rethinking water vehicle propulsion systems, about which we have been talking about tinkering.

While these flaps are ‘pushing’ the fluid, and therefore need to fold while returning to the first position, it may not be necessary if the purpose of movement is to create regular and useful waves in the water, whose movement in turn is the motive force provider, via its resultant energy motion. Also, some marine creatures don’t use flapping, and in fact squirm or wriggle through the water, by effectively pulsating their bodies. Penguins, for instance, seem to both flap and squirm, as may be seen in their graceful and extremely fast swimming underwater.

The analogy to fluidity, or viscosity, as it is usually referred, however, might be seen in the fact that larger bodies of water will already, thanks to larger or more universal energy inputs such as wind, tide and the Earth’s rotation, contain such forces, acting in complex ways.

A working propulsion system, therefore, will be different for a small vessel and for a larger one, and for lakes as against seas, and it is reasonable to expect that such tinkering propulsion systems need to be adapted both to scale and context.