Strengths & Challenges of working with model organisms!

Strengths & Challenges of working with model organisms!

A lecture on STRENGTHS AND CHALLENGES OF WORKING WITH MODEL ORGANISMS was delivered by our dear and respected Arunan Sir at our Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college today (9/9/19) at 10 am.

Some photos of the event!!!

CUBE: An invitation: From Curiosity to Frontier Science

Our audience or spectators!! Had many more students joining for this lecture later… We had students from the biotechnology, botany & zoology department attending this lecture…!!

Thank you Sir for coming & being with us… Had a great time and an interesting lecture too!!!
I had been trying hard for almost a month to bring these students together and make them join CUBE…
Today some of them approached me and asked me when can we join…
So most of them waiting for the next workshop…!!!


Congratulations and making this event happen. Periodically we should organize or participate in such events to expand the participatory base of STEM.


Why wait for a fresh workshop to start…!:hushed:You already
have an ongoing work (& ongoing workshop)
at CUBE RJ college Ghatkopar, Mumbai initiated
by @Lydia @sonali @priyank, @ram etc.

Make others join and also initiate them into
newer models especially Cardamine which your
Principal Usha Mukundan is keen on…


Sure Sir…
Will be starting soon!! :+1:


“soon” means how soon?!!

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