*Summary of Cube ChatShaala....* *Date : 30/12/22*

:four_leaf_clover:Today there was an interesting discussion about white fly and phyllanthus plant.
:four_leaf_clover:Lets first start with phyllanthus plant which we all see on road side during rainy season.
:four_leaf_clover:Some of the cubists have been growing these phyllanthus plant for studying it’s sleep wake cycle.
:four_leaf_clover:But along with that they have got some intresting findings in this small cute plant like…

  1. Caterpillar on phyllanthus plant!! :bug:
  2. It’s different sleep wake time!! :sun_with_face::new_moon_with_face:
  3. Whiteflies on phyllanthus plant!! :dove:

Iccha is the one who’s keen observation has brought this intresting and evolutionary topic in the context…
She observed some Whiteflies on her phyllanthus plant in her home lab.

:four_leaf_clover:So the question is…
:black_small_square: What exactly is this white fly?
:black_small_square:What is it’s relationship with phyllanthus??
:black_small_square:What is its life cycle??
:black_small_square:Is it similar to the life cycle of moth/Caterpillar??

:four_leaf_clover:Now, i also got a Caterpillar on my phyllanthus plant which was very surprising to me as i didn’t knew that phyllanthus can also be a host plant for moth/butterfly’s​:thinking::face_with_monocle:.
:four_leaf_clover:Then i tried to culture my Caterpillar in a plastic container which then grew into a moth…

:four_leaf_clover:So we connected the lifecycle of my moth with lifecycle of iccha’s Whiteflies
And we got to know that whiteflies also first lays eggs, from the egg Caterpillar arises, then it shows 4 larval stages by sticking to the Phloem of the plant and sucking it’s nutrients and then it forms pupa and then becomes a fly🥳

:four_leaf_clover:Inspired by iccha all other cubists who had phyllanthus plant tried to observe whether there is this Whitefly infection in their plant also!!
:four_leaf_clover:Interestingly @Theertha and @Lakshmy also observed these Whiteflies in there phyllanthus plant…
:four_leaf_clover:Not only @Theertha and @Lakshmy but @Arunan sir and myself has also observed these infections but on different plants…

:four_leaf_clover:These are the photos from @Lakshmy’s home lab!

:four_leaf_clover:This is what @Arunan sir found on tomato plant!

:four_leaf_clover:These are the Whiteflies which @Theertha got in her home lab.

:four_leaf_clover:And these are the photos of Whiteflies i got!