The Game Behind Addictions And it's Juicy Psycology

" Free Fire ban: 14-year-old boy dies due to addiction to banned game, cops suspect { } "

" 12-year-old boy found dead after fight over PUBG Mobile { } "

" Alcohol kills 2.6L Indians every year: WHO report { } "

" Worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol, this represent 5.3 % of all deaths {,200%20disease%20and%20injury%20conditions } "

What Just happened ? Why did they all die ? All happened Because of Bad Habits

Habit , It’s Something You do Very often , But There are Rights and Wrongs In these too . Bad Habit Can Ruin Your Life , While a Good habit Can Give u a better Life .

Let’s See , What’s Going In Your Brain , When You are Practice a Bad Habit

Let’s Say U downloaded PUBG Mobile , When U will play , You will Be attracted By the Designs , The Craze , So will Play , achieve Awards In the game . U will Be happy When u achieve Awards Like this , So Said " Chicken Dinner " .
Then u will Play More Next Day , Thus , It will Become Your routine , So after A long time like this , You Are Addicted , If You Play more in This Stage , U go Uncontrollable , Thus , End up as A Failure , mad , Crazy , Out of Control Person "

Did You saw The pattern , Let Me Explain What Happened ,
There are 2 Main Chemicals In Mind Responsible For Pleasure And Happiness . Dopamine And Endorphins . This chemical Is released Alot while playing Pubg . So known Bad Habits Is also Called For giving Instant Pleasure . So this Becomes A Cycle , A Loop Cycle , The more U practice , The More Stronger The Loop Circle Gets . The loop Cicle has 3 things :
There is a Small Trigger like A Thought , Time , Notification , Etc . And it Triggers You To Do that Thing , And When u Do That Daily , It becomes Routine , And in The Process The Pleasure And Happiness Is Your Reward . This Is what Happens During The Habit .
Just Imagine , Habit As a Tree , The more u Get into That Habit , The More The Tree Grows , When It Grows Very Poweful and Long It traps you Into the Branches , And is very Difficult to Cut , When U are not much Into The habit , It is still Just a Small Sapling , U can Still Cut That Sapling Of Bad Habits ,

But Always Remember , It is Difficut To Cut , Not Impossible , There are Many People Who are free from their Habits Of Consuming Alcohol And Bad Things And Still Drugs Are One of the Worst Habits And the most Difficult To leave ,

If u want to Leave A Habit , U will Have to Cut The loop Tree which forces and triggers you to do it , Whenever You Feel To do It , It is The trigger , and try as much as POSSIBLE to Distract Yourself . U can Replace A Bad Habit By a Good habit , It will Give U More happiness , Build your personality and Give u a better life , Hope this Was Helpful .

Thank You For Reading Till Now , Sorry If There Are Any Mistakes ,
Sayōnara :grin: