TinkerDay with DIET Educators

TinkerDay with DIET Educators

Today 9 DIET educators will be visiting MakerSpace lab to explore the STEMGames and understand how tinkering can be used to enrich the science and mathematics curriculum.

These educators will be sharing the joy of tinkering with many more in-service and pre-service teachers.

Looking forward to the interaction.


Today we had session with 9 DIET educators. It was indeed an enriching session because we got chance to understand their expectations and also chance to share some insights about MakerSpace as learning environment. We ended with some quick to make yet delightful activities like straw flute and atomizer.

Some questions which emerged from the discussion:
Do we have a curriculum /need a curriculum in makerspace?
How do we know that children are learning in makerspace ?
What will be the role of teachers in the setup?
What will be role of students?
Isn’t jewellery making, or tailoring, or drawing , carpentry, clay modeling a makerspace activities? How do we understand learning in those setting?

The session was facilitated by Jude and myself.

It was a good learning experience for us and the participants too!

I hope some of the questions are interesting and we can start a seperate thread on Stem chat and discuss in detail


Ravi, these are very interesting questions and the answers, discussions and opinions around each would be quite enriching. I think a thread around each would be a good idea.

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This thread also you may find interesting.
Would really like your insights on this!